Effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency to Your Health

The Importance Of HGH For Growth

Human growth hormone (HGH) is essential in the development of your body because it stimulates growth. It is especially helpful for children who are still on the stage of developing their body parts.

The body continues to produce significant amounts of HGH even when you reach adulthood. This hormone is extremely useful in optimizing your health.

The problem is that many people suffer from human growth hormone deficiency. This causes them to experience a number of complications in their bodily functions and overall health.

If you want to learn more about the effects of HGH deficiency to your health, then continue reading this article.

What Causes HGH Deficiency?

The main cause of HGH deficiency affecting adults is a permanent damage that greatly affects the pituitary gland. The damage may come from childhood or occur during adulthood.

A pituitary tumor also frequently interferes the natural production of HGH. Damages affecting the pituitary gland usually come from the tumor itself.

The damage may also take place due to medical intervention that aims to cure the tumor. These include radiotherapy and surgery.

There are also kids whose bodies are incapable of naturally producing HGH. This causes them to suffer from HGH deficiency all throughout their life.

Children who have cleft palates or cleft lips are also at risk of developing HGH deficiency. The reason is that these children most likely have poorly developed pituitary glands.

Serious head injuries, radiation treatments and infections affecting both children and adults can also trigger the deficiency.

Symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency In Adults

Children who have HGH deficiency may experience slow growth. This negative effect is noticeable not only during infancy, but also until adulthood.

Children who have the condition will have flat or slow growth rate, as what will be shown in the growth curve drawn by pediatricians in a growth chart. Slow growth and development will become even more noticeable once the child reaches two to three years old.

In comparison to kids with the same gender and age, the sufferer will be shorter, though his or her body proportions will still be normal. The sufferer’s face will also usually look younger than the others.

The deficiency does not have an impact on the child’s intelligence since reports show that those who have it still have normal intelligence despite their slow or delayed growth.

The following are also among the most common effects of human growth deficiency affecting not only children, but adults as well:

• High level of body fats (excess fats are usually visible around the waist)
• Reduced sexual interest and function in adults
• Depression and anxiety
• Extreme fatigue
• Sensitivity to cold and heat
• Feelings of isolation
• Less stamina and strength
• Reduced ability to exercise
• Changes in blood cholesterol makeup
• Decreased bone density
• Increased risk of having bone fractures
• High triglycerides level

HGH deficiency can have adverse effects on your overall health, so it is advisable to seek the aid of your doctor right after you notice the signs that you are deficient from this hormone. The good news is that the condition is treatable.

Your doctor may administer human growth hormone through an injection, usually in the fatty tissues in your body like the thighs, buttocks and at the back of your arms. Consult your doctor about all the available treatments for your case, and decide based on the safest treatment option for you.

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